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ASSET CLA Amber  ASSET Royal Bee Pollen Complex

Asset Amber

Asset AmberConjugated Linoleic Acid, abbreviated as CLA Amber, is an essential fatty acid known for its body weight management properties. CLA Amber utilizes the core fat burning hormones within the body that are responsible for key metabolic processes such as: suppressing appetite and burning fat. CLA Amber assits with the metabolism of stored body fat for fuel and prevents the decrease in metabolism due to dieting.  CLA Amber is also effective in helping you to lose weight by breaking down unwanted fat cells and flushing them from your system. CLA is not a stimulant like other fat burners on the market today. It is a great product to support weight loss and to help turn fat into muscle.  CLA is a great boost for body builders or anyone who already has a well-balanced fat loss diet in place and an action-packed workout program.  Ingredients: 1000mg Conjugated Linoleic Acid  BUY NOW!

Asset Royal

Asset RoyalAsset Royal Bee Pollen Complex is a great natural energizer and contains every single nutrient needed to enhance human life. Unable to be recreated synthetically by man, this complex substance produced in the beehive for nourishment contains a rich source of carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins that,through its natural supply of “neuro-nutrients” while enhancing stamina. Asset Royal Bee Pollen Complex is a natural herbal supplement designed to assist in gaining and maintaining optimum health.  Medicinal benefits combined with over 96 nutrients, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties assists in longer term benefits to those who are looking to benefit from this natural super food and help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Ingredients: Bee Pollen Powder, Royal Jelly Powder, & Bee Propolis Powder  BUY NOW

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Whether you want to lose weight  or just improve your overall health, Bee Pollen By Laura has what you need to achieve both.  We care about our customers and want you to experience the joy we have of slimming down, feeling good about yourself inside and outside, and improving your overall health! We strive to always provide products that are safe, that "really" work,  and to give our customers the best customer service we can with honesty being our top priority.   Feel free to call or email any questions you might have that our website has not answered.

bee-pollen-capsulesWhole Grain Bee Pollen and Total Bee +  contain bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis and honey to improve ones overall health.  These ingredients come directly from the beehive and are freeze dried, never heated, to keep the nutrients alive and always active.  Bee Pollen contains more protein than any natural food. When  taken on a regular basis customers report improvement with arthritis pain, increased energy, improved immune system, getting a better nights sleep, ease of menopause symptoms, lowered cholesterol and so much more.


 Try the NEW Bee Pollen by Laura Skin Care! This line of exceptional skin care products is made with all natural ingredients and made in the USAHemp-Olive-Moisturizer.   

Have extremely dry skin from the harsh winter up north????   Try our Hemp & Olive Moisturizer to get rid of that dryness and instantly have smooth silky skin!

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