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We offer a variety of products to help both Men & Women reach your weight loss goals.  USA made products that really work - Safe and Effective !

We also carry Raw Bee Pollen straight from the Bee Hive to improve overall health and wellness.

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Testimonials - Real Customers with Real Results!

"I have been using this product (simply skinny elite) off and on for the last 2 years. Excellent hunger control and my total weight loss was over 60lbs."


"I absolutely love Simply Skinny Luxe! These pills are the only thing that I have found that actually suppress my appetite and gives me results I can see and feel".



"I love, love, love Simply Skinny Platinum!  Have lost weight, have increased energy and it significantly decreases my appetite."

Nicole, Newville PA

"Skinny Elite Pink is the best, I have already lost about 4 pounds and have only been taking it for a few weeks. It suppresses your appetite to the point that you just forget it is time to eat! I have also noticed I have been sleeping better as well!"

Brandi M.

"Teddy and I have been using Simply Skinny Gold with fantastic results! I have seen a weight loss of around 25 lbs and Teddy has seen a loss of about 15 lbs since we started using it. We would highly recommend it!" 

Marv & Ted, Stroudsburg, PA